Qafqaz Universiteti – II Beynəlxalq Tələbə Konfransı

January 9, 2012

Qafqaz Universiteti – II Beynəlxalq Tələbə Konfransı
Qafqaz University – Second International Student Conference

Modern Approaches in English Language and Literature
            Baku 27 April 2012             CALL FOR PAPERS

We are organizing an International Student Conference on “MODERN APPROACHES IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE”


We wish to introduce students with the academic world and foster their point of view in the modern approaches to English Language and Literature.
To encourage students and young researchers in their interested fields of study, find out their abilities and stimulate them
to improve their study and research areas in the future.
Deadline for submission:     February 20,  2012
Acceptance of the papers:   March 15, 2012
Date of the conference:        April 27, 20


1.    Submissions must include the title, the author’s name (or multiple authors), university and e-mail address (es),
and an abstract of 150-200 words. (Approximately  half page in A4 format )
2.    Papers must be prepared using Microsoft Word (MS Word) 2003 / 2007 and single-spaced in Times New Roman font of 14 pt.
with a length of between 1,000-1,500 words for the text including the title, foot notes, endnotes and references.
( Approximately 1 and a half page in A4 format)
3.    There should be innovation and productivity within the papers. Submitted papers will be accepted after
the decision of the Academic Committee Meeting.
4.    Language of the paper must be in one of these languages: Azerbaijani, English, Turkish, Russian,
but the abstract is required in English.
5.    No papers will be sent back.
6.    Endnotes, when used, should be typed at the end of the main text
(before references).Use superscript numbers in the manuscript text for the foot notes and endnotes.
    Attendance Fee: 20 Euros
Transportation and accommodation fees are to be met by the participants.
Note: Please ask conference secretary for an application form and send it to: languageandliterature@qu.edu.az

Address: Qafqaz University, English Language and Literature Department, AZ0101 Khirdalan, Baku, AZERBAIJAN

    E-mail: languageandliterature@qu.edu.az

Şərh yazmaq Təsir etməkdir :)

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