British Council Blogging Contest: 100 Questions About Islam

February 7, 2012

British Council Blogging Contest: 100 Questions About Islam

The British Council’s Our Shared Future project is launching the final installment of videos in our 100 Questions About Islam series. In the course of over 100 short video clips, we have heard what scholars and opinion leaders think about the most pressing issues in the conversation about Muslim/non-Muslim relations today. Now we want to add your voice to the mix. We’re looking for smart, thoughtful reflections from university students on the questions that these videos answer and the new ones they raise, and we’re going to publish the top 10 entries on the Our Shared Future blog.

Here’s how to make your voice heard:

 1. Watch some of the latest batch of videos, which you’ll find in the following categories:

2. Reflect on several videos that catch your interest.

 3. Write a blog entry of 400 – 600 words that responds to the following prompt:

 How can we better inform the public understanding of how Muslims and non-Muslims relate to one another today? What are the most salient examples of the influence of Islam across contemporary cultures and societies, in both Muslim-majority and Muslim-minority populations? What aspects of Islam do non-Muslims misunderstand?

 Be sure to link to the videos that you cite in your response.

 4. Submit your entry as a Word document (in English) to info@us.britishcouncil.org with the subject line “100 Questions Blogging Contest” by February 17 at 12 PM EST. In the body of your email, please include your name, course of study and university. Do not include any identifying information in the attachment itself.

 5. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out who the winners are. We’ll announce one winning entry a day for 10 days, beginning February 27.

 Contest rules: All university students in undergraduate or post-graduate programs are eligible to compete, and each student is allowed one entry only. The winning entries will display creative ideas, well-crafted arguments and eloquent prose. By submitting your entry to the contest, you agree to allow the British Council to republish your work on any of our platforms, now and in the future.

link to website : http://www.britishcouncil.org/new/society/belief-in-dialogue/our-shared-future/Our-Network/100-Questions-About-Islam/Blogging-Contest-100-Questions-About-Islam/

Şərh yazmaq Təsir etməkdir :)

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