Mises Seminar Ninth Edition,Italy

March 7, 2012

Mises Seminar
Ninth Edition
Sestri Levante,Italy
13-14 October 2012Yol xərcləri və bütün yaşayış xərcləri Istituto Bruno Leoni tərəfindən ödənilir.
Son Gün : 30 Aprel

Call for Papers
At the University of Chicago, economists (…) are known for saying, in effect, “Markets work well. Use the market.”
At MIT and other bastions of mainstream economics (…) they are known for saying, in effect, “Markets fail. Use government.”
We say, “Markets fail. Use markets.”
Arnold Kling
IBL wishes to invite you to contribute a paper to the 2012 Mises Seminar, to be held in Sestri Levante (Italy), October 13th-14th.
Submitting authors should be less than 35 years old.
The general theme discussed in the submitted essays will be the following:
Failure: Why We Need It
The conference will feature original contributions on the themes of failure and bankruptcy—either in the business and governmental arena—and how it is a necessary and ultimately beneficial feature of a free market and a free society.
The topic can be investigated from the perspective of economics, history, sociology, legal theory, political philosophy, economic history.
Authors are invited to submit an outline of the paper, of about 500 words, in English, to Dr. Carlo Lottieri (carlo.lottieri@brunoleoni.itnot later than April 30, 2012. The candidate is also required to attach aprevious paper on a different topic and a CV.
IBL will then select the best submissions and inform the candidates accordingly by May 31. Conference papers (max. lenght 40,000 characters, in English) are to be submitted to IBL by September 1st, 2012.
All travel and boarding expenses of the selected authors will be paid for by Istituto Bruno Leoni.
Informations concerning the presentation of papers, registration fees, accommodation and other logistic aspects will be provided later, through IBL’s web-site.
Please address all queries to mises@brunoleoni.it.

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