IES Seminars: Europe & Liberty – Germany 2012

March 31, 2012

IES Seminars: Europe & Liberty – Germany 2012

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Through the generosity of our partners, IES-Europe is able to offer the seminars for free. Lectures, housing, meals are provided by IES-Europe. Participants only pay for their own travel.

Deadline: May 10, 2012
Interested in exploring the ideas of liberty? Learn about classical liberalism with distinguished faculty? Apply now and join us at the Theodor-Heuss-Akademie in Gummersbach, Germany between July 29 and August 04, 2012 for a weeklong of intellectual challenges, intercultural exchanges and lots of laid-back fun, all in the spirit of liberty. This week is entirely free for the students. Through the generosity of our partners, IES-Europe is able to offer the seminars for free. Lectures, housing, meals are provided by the IES-Europe. Participants only pay for their own travel.
The seminars offer interdisciplinary introduction to the tradition of classical liberal thought scholarship. Subjects covered include economics, history, moral, political philosophy and law. The main aim is to approach these fields from a liberal point of view. The seminars are a unique opportunity to boost your understanding of the classical liberal principles of individual rights, private property, and free markets and their applications to today’s issues.
Thousands of students have already been involved with the Institute’s programs. The participants are junior, senior, or graduate students and recent graduates but they are also young scholars or entrepreneurs. They usually describe it as a week which had a tremendous impact in their intellectual life and which has proved helpful for careers in academia, law, journalism, and other idea-oriented fields. It is also a great experience from a personal point of view, since for a week, students and faculty members, coming from everywhere in the world, get to live together, to speak and to debate. They get to learn from each other and are in contact with different cultures, education and ways of life.
A traditional Europe and Liberty seminar lasts 6 days from. The day is divided into 3 sessions of lecture, discussion groups and discussions with the speaker. Every session lasts 2 hours and is followed by a coffee break, lunch or dinner. The week is an intensive week of lectures and discussions. After each lecture the participants break into small groups to probe and debate ideas they have just heard. A highlight of the seminar are the evening discussion groups; guided by faculty members, participants continue their exploration of the day’s themes. During the week, participants will have to interact constantly with each other and with the faculty members who not only lecture but join the participants for meals and evening discussion groups and socializing.

Apply : Please read carefully 

The application process is twofold.

Click on “My IES”.
Then, if it’s the first time you apply to IES click on “You haven’t begun to apply to IES yet “.Follow the procedure and enter the required information and picture. Make sure to have a scan of your identity picture (face) in jpg format. Its size must not exceed 200 Kb and must be 3 x 4 cm.
Make sure that the fax of your university results or diploma does not exceed 3 pages. Make sure to send it before June 30. (OTHERWISE, you can also scan them in a REASONABLE SIZE and in JPG format and send them to youcef.maouchi@ies-europe.org)
Submit and then you will receive an email with your log in and password.
Make sure to save that email as you will need them each time you need to modify something in your info.  You won’t be able to modify your seminar choice after May 10 though.

You will have to go back to “Access my IES account” with your log in and password. This is the second phase.  Click on “Select your seminar”. You will be asked to write 4 “essays.
Here are the questions:
(a) What are your reasons for wanting to attend the seminar?
(b) What are your plans for the next two years (150 words)?
(c) What are your intellectual influences (150 words)?
(d) Discuss this text (300 words) PDF  or this video (Only one of them)

Don’t forget to check the box “I want to apply to this year’s seminars” (or meeting)!

Because of “Time-out” problems during the submission of long documents, write your essays BEFORE with Word or Pad and THEN copy / paste them in the appropriate page. Submit. A message in green at the top of the page says thank you for submitting. Please note that personal essays really have to be of the required number of words more or less 10 %, really have to be personal and are systematicaly checked. Copied-pasted material from the internet will involve a direct rejection of your application.

 Orijinal Website : http://ies-europe.org/viewLiberalism.php?menu_id=107&article_id=304 

qaynaq: http://applytostudy.blogspot.com/2012/03/ies-seminars-europe-liberty-germany.html

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