Contest for Mladiinfo Articles-Win a Kindle Touch!

April 13, 2012

Contest for Mladiinfo Articles-Win a Kindle Touch!

Deadline: 30 April 2012
Open to: Citizens of Council of Europe member countries between the ages of 18-35
Prize: the new Kindle Touch, hiking backpack, gift baskets

Share your story with million visitors on Mladiinfo, tell us what have inspired you, motivated you or provoked you!

In addition to informing students and youth about work and study opportunities suited to their needs, Mladiinfo also tries to raise awareness of social, cultural and economic issues. Thus the Mladiinfo team decided to announce the second annual open call for articles.
In 2011 mladiinfo.com had almost 1 million visitors from all around the world. We are aware that such a visibility is not only an honor, but carries with it with the responsibility of providing a platform where ideas and insights can be exchanged and developed. The best articles will appear not only on mladiinfo.com but also on mladiinfo.cafebabel.com and mladiinfo.blogactive.eu, thus guaranteeing a high visibility.


Citizens of Council of Europe member countries between the ages of A. 18-26 or  B. 27-35, who believe that sharing ideas and experiences is the first step towards making a change.


The format of the article is not as relevant as its content. Authors can choose to make an interview, write an essay, use multimedia, or any other innovative new media format.

Our call is for articles on one of the following topics:

  • Time Magazine’s Man of the Year 2011 – The Protester
  • Time Magazine’s Man of the Year 2012 –?
  • Alternative energy sources, discourses, strategies
  • Non-formal education
  • Everyday NGO-life
  • Experiences Abroad – EVS, Erasmus, Service Civique, Leonardo, Work and Travel, etc.
  • Transnational Dialogue
  • Trans-generational Dialogue
  • My Festival/Event
  • Road Trip

Rules and Regulations

The article should be original and not have been previously published (Download the statement template);
The article has to be written in English language and contain a minimum of 600 words;
The article must be accompanied by photographs, preferably original, although a photograph with regulated copyright from the internet is also allowed;
The article needs to be submitted by the deadline of 30th of April 2012;  articles arriving after the deadline cannot be taken into consideration.
If you wish to submit more than one article, please send the articles separately and follow the specified steps for each submission.

Prizes, awards

The eligible articles will be sent for revision and proof-reading to the Mladiinfo editing team. A total of around thirty selected articles will be published throughout a period of one year and their authors will receive a Mlafdiinfo gift basket containing promotional material (bags, mouse pads, etc). The best article in category A and category B will receive a Kindle Touch each. Also, the author of the article which sparks the most debates gets the most interesting comments, the most productive feedback, will be awarded a hiking backpack.

1st prize in category A: Kindle Touch
1st prize in category B: Kindle Touch
Reader’s Award: hiking backpack
Places 4-30: Mladiinfo gift baskets

Application and Deadline

All applicants are obliged to send:

  • At least one completed article in English language, accompanied by at least one photo that acts as a summary of the article or as a comment on the topics discussed in the article
  • A statement from the author confirming that the article is authentic and has not been previously published on the web (in case of submitting more than one article, please attach a statement to each article separately)
  • A short CV which should contain the following: complete name, place and date of birth, citizenship, current address and contact

The Mladiinfo editing team retains the right to request modifications to the contents of the article. One author may send in a maximum of 3 articles, each addressing a different topic.

All documents should be delivered to: article@mladiinfo.com by the 30th of April 2012. 

qaynaq : http://www.mladiinfo.com/2012/02/15/contest-for-mladiinfo-articles-win-a-kindle-touch/

Şərh yazmaq Təsir etməkdir :)

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