International Youth Camp Dialogue 2012, Russia

April 27, 2012

International Youth Camp Dialogue 2012

 Cultural-educational touristic centre
“Ethnomir”, Kaluga region,
Russian Federation
July 11 – 15, 2012

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The Camp has the following objectives:

  • to promote intercultural dialogue among young people across ethnic, religious, linguistic and national dividing lines to secure social cohesion and prevent conflicts;
  • to continue the implementation of the “Kazan Action Plan”;
  • to explore the principles, experiences and resources of the Council of Europe in the area of intercultural dialogue, youth participation and Human Rights Education, including the White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue;
  • to create a space for open dialogue and for sharing experiences, as well as to promote mutual understanding and respect between the participants;
  • to reflect on the concept of diversity, common identity and intercultural learning;
  • to explore tools, possibilities and challenges for co-operation and to try to encourage networking among young people inEuropeand beyond;
  • to raise  of the media to the issues explored during the Camp Meeting

Participants should:

  • be aged between 18-30;
  • be resident in one of the Council of Europe’s member states other than theRussian Federation;
  • be motivated to participate in the Camp;
  • have an experience in intercultural, interethnic or interreligious youth events;
  • able to work in Russian and speaking English is an asset.
  • have an interest in the development of intercultural dialogue;
  • be committed to act as a multiplier;
  • be willing to participate in all activities foreseen for the whole duration of the Camp programme;
  • be a member of an youth organisation (at a local, regional or national level).

Priority may be given to the participants who are able to communicate in the Russian language.

25 participants coming from the Council of Europe’s member states (other than theRussian Federation) will be selected by the team representing Council of Europe trainers and organisers on the basis of the profile outlined above. A balanced group (sex, geographical regions, different types of experiences, cultural backgrounds and organizations) will be as well ensured. Food, accommodation and travel expenses of the 25 selected European participants will be covered by the Council of Europe.

The other 275 participants will be selected by the Russian organisers who will also cover their expenses.

Working languages

The camp will be held Russian with English translation of all main activities optional.

Financial and technical conditions of participation

Food, accommodation and travel expenses for 25 European participants will be covered by the Council of Europe.

Deadline : 14 May

IYCM DIALOGUE 2012 Kaluga Call for Pax.doc 858.50 kB



  1. live and learn

  2. hi.how can i apply this program? i diidnt find anything to apply

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