23rd International Youth Forum, Republic of Korea

May 4, 2012

23rd International Youth Forum, Republic of Korea

“Youth and New Media”

22-28 August 2012, Seoul and Goesan, Republic of Korea 

Date and Venue

 Date: 22-28 August 2011

Venue: Seoul and Goesan, Republic of Korea


  “Youth and New Media”


 – Social Media and Youth Culture

– International Youth Cooperation in the New Media Era


  1. In addition to the rapid development of electronic communication technology, the emergence of New Media, a new communication media with different characteristics to the existing one, contributed to the globalization through the diversification and the liberalization to humans. However, it is bringing about harmful consequences such as delivering distorted information, invasion of privacy and weakening of moral responsibility. Reflecting on this, it is necessary to introspect on the New Media.
  2. Internet based new media devices which go beyond the international borders and becoming a worldwide talking point, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, UCC and SNS, not only do they allow youths to form a broad network, but they induce sharing of information and participation in society. Accordingly, the youths’ interest and thoughts regarding the policies that the nations and international organizations promote should be shared, and for the balanced development of the new media, it is the intention to search the role of the youth in this.
  3. A moral youth culture should be formed through an in-depth public discussion on proper utilization of new media and youth culture that change rapidly to its surrounding environment, between all the youth around the world.


 –To make youth aware of global problems, offering an opportunity to tackle them and to find alternative ways or solutions

-To improve cooperation and mutual understanding among youths across diverse cultures

– To spread goodwill around the world and to build interactive global citizenship through networking among youths


A. Overseas participants: 45 delegates

B. Korean participants: 30 delegates

C. Qualifications

– Youths between the ages of 18 and 26 who are significantly interested in the topic

– Participants should have a good command of English

Financial Aid

 Travel cost (airfare) will be subsidized by the organizer (NCYOK) except ASIA(Northeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia) according to the criteria below:

­ Participants travel from Africa, Oceania, Europe and American regions: US$ 550 (Azərbaycan daxil deyil)


– Applicants will be informed of a grant amount determined by the 1th of June

– Applicants who can afford own travel cost will be first considered to be admitted

  1. NCYOK bears the expenses of accommodation, meals and local transportation during the program

Application and Required Documents

A. Application closing date is May 13(Sun), 2012          

* The admission will be determined and informed within 20 days from the day of submission.

 B. Applicants need to submit:

1) A completed application

2) An English essay : A4, 1~2 pages, font 12, Times New Roman, single-spaced, Title: ‘Social Media and Youth Culture’ or ‘International Youth Cooperation in the New Media Era’

C. Please turn in the above documents only via E-mail (ncyokway@chol.com)

(The title of e-mail should be ‘Youth Forum Applicants – name of applicant’)

Orijinal Information Paper

Application Form

Orifinal Website : http://www.ncyok.or.kr/renew/eng/main.asp

qaynaq : https://www.facebook.com/groups/vidagt/

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